Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm Not Mac'ing This Up

What would you say if I told you I picked up a new-used 20" iMac, refurbished by Apple certified technicians, for the whopping sum of $259.00 plus sales tax (because I live in Florida) and $35 for shipping (because I didn't want to drive to Tampa to pick it up)? It may be a mid 2007 model but this bad boy has a lot of life left in it and will be just the ticket to replace an old, tired Windows XP PC at our cabin in North Georgia.

Every time we have headed up for down time at our cabin, we've powered up the PC and lived with its slooooow internet capability and Photoshop PS2. It got to the point where everyone took their laptops with them because using the PC was just not worth the trouble. No more. We now have an inordinately functional desktop that will serve our purpose and then some; and its a Mac.

The specs on the $259 iMac
I chose this particular iMac because it was upgradeable to 6MB RAM (it came with 2MB RAM) and I had some spare RAM memory laying around after I upped the memory a couple of years ago on my home based iMac. 6MB of RAM is more than enough to run Photoshop CC smoothly and handle an operating system upgrade from Mountain Lion to Yosemite.  For $259.00 it was light years better than any PC I could have gotten.

Mac of All Trades web site
$20 Off Banner that rotates with other banners
I normally don't sing the praises of any particular vendor but I break this rule when a vendor comes along that offers great products at great prices, provides prompt shipping, and most of all sells me exactly what I bargained for. Mac of All Trades is everything I hoped for and a bag of chips, and its  where I found my new-used iMac. I stumbled across their web site a few days ago and began looking through its offerings. When I saw the $279.00 price on the 2007 iMac, I was seriously considering pulling the trigger on it. When the web site banner changed and I saw that I could get $20 off simply by being a new customer and signing up for their newsletter, so much the better. I used a catch-all Yahoo! email address I have just for stuff like that, signed up, got my email from them to verify the address, and in a couple of minutes the price dropped to $259.00.

Some of the iMac offerings
A few of the 15" Macbook Pro offerings
Some of the 13" Macbook Pro offerings
I've posted some examples of the Macs available from Mac of All Trades above. They pretty much have every Mac you could possibly want, including  all manner of Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, Mac Minis, iMacs, and towers. In the way of Mac accessories, they carry most everything like keyboards, mice, and displays ranging from 20" to 27". Need an iPad or an iPhone? They have those too. All products come with a 90-day warranty but you can purchase extended warranties of 1 and 2 years.

Some of the Deals of the Day
If you decide to pay Mac of All Trades a visit, don't forget to check out their Deals of the Day page for additional savings. Had I needed a Macbook Pro, I could have bought a 13" Mid 2009 model for $229.00. That's a lot of laptop for $229.00.

So, if you're looking for any kind of Mac and you'd rather not cough up the big bucks, you may want to check out Mac of All Trades.

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