Friday, March 17, 2017

Almost Famous

See the guy in at the bottom of the photo? That's me at the NCAA Men's
Basketball Tournament after getting run over by a Florida State University basketball player who came running towards me with a full head of steam. He wasn't able to stop and literally went right through me as I was sitting on the baseline shooting Florida State's first round game.

It all happened in Orlando, Florida last night . I'm here traveling with Florida State as team photographer. Midway through the second half of the game against Florida Gulf Coast, FSU took off on a fast break and one of the players attempted to thread the needle with a tough pass that was beyond this player's reach. Rather than try to explain what happened, here's the CBS broadcast of what happened....

Right after it happened, I made sure the player was OK and then checked my camera gear. Everything was unscathed which let me breathe a sight of relief. I was unhurt and my equipment survived a pretty scary moment.

I then decided to see if I had gotten the shot I was trying to get just before the incident. When I looked at the back of the camera to preview whatever I had gotten, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw this...

The CBS cameraman to my left saw the image on the screen and asked me to keep it there so he could broadcast it. That turned into a novel segue for CBS to go to break and then show what happened once again as they came back from break - repeatedly showing me getting run over, and then showing how I got the shot.

Well, it didn't end there. ESPN then ran a mini feature on me getting run over on Sports Center this morning and articles are now popping up on Internet sites. This must be my 15 minutes of almost fame.

The moral of the story is no matter what is about to happen, keep shooting.

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