Thursday, May 2, 2013

Coming Attractions As The Weekend Approaches

I'm sitting here at the computer in front of a window that overlooks Lake Blue Ridge, Georgia as the sun begins to creep over the mountains that rim the lake. The colors are spectacular and instead of plinking the keyboard keys I should have headed down to the lake for a few sunrise images. But, I'm here at our cabin after a week long spring cleaning session and I need to put the finishing touches on things before heading home this morning.

The week has gone by fast. We headed up to our cabin in the North Georgia mountains early Monday morning to tackle spring cleaning. Leaves to blow off the decks, cobwebs to remove, and then there's all the honey-do stuff that needs attention so we can enjoy the place as spring winds down and summer is on the horizon. I brought camera gear in the hopes I'd be able to get out and take some landscape shots but it was not meant to be. Next time.

As soon as my feet hit the ground in Tallahassee today, I head to Forestmeadows Racket Club to start shooting the matches at the annual USTA Pro Circuit Challenger tournament. I would have been out there all week but the spring cleaning interfered with those plans.

In addition, I have to start and finish my guest blog post for +Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider Blog. This will be my third one over the years and I want to make sure it's a good read. This one will be on how to shoot golf, or at least how I shoot the sport on both the collegiate and professional tour level.

Back to cleaning and fixing stuff before heading home. Hope everyone has had a good week.

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