Friday, April 12, 2013

Looking Ahead...

As the week winds down and I sit here struggling to prepare my tax returns there are a few things on my horizon that gets the juices flowing. Tomorrow is the annual Garnet & Gold football game which brings spring football practice at Florida State to a close. The game is a formal scrimmage and it's a chance to get one more football shooting fix that has to last me until the Fall.

Image Courtesy of the Kelby Media Group

Early Tuesday morning next week I head down to Orlando for Photoshop World, an annual event staged by Scott Kelby's Kelby Media Group. PW is chocked full of workshops, seminars and instruction on all things digital photography and it's an event I have wanted to attend for several years but just couldn't find the time. Scott made me an offer I couldn't refuse this year by inviting me to attend as his guest so I have made the time to attend.

So far, I've signed up for Joe McNally's seven hour session on Tuesday (one of the Pre-Convention sessions slated for Tuesday; the actual convention starts Wednesday morning)  which is an on location shoot with various models using all manner of light modifiers and natural light conditions. I'm also all set for the PW After-Hours Party Wednesday night and Scott's Midnight Madness session late Thursday night (which is described as Photoshop for Photoshop freaks who can't sleep - Hmmmm).

Now I have to figure out which of the class sessions I will attend on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Later this month (April 27-May 4) brings the Tallahassee Challenger tennis tournament to town, part of the USTA's Pro Circuit. I've been the tournament photographer for a number of years and I always look forward to a full week of shooting tennis.

Image courtesy of the Kelby Media Group
Last but not least, in between all of the above I have to sit down and prepare a Guest Blog post for Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider Blog. Once a week, Scott's Blog features posts from  guests and it's been a couple of years since I authored one. The first two I authored dealt with sports photography discussions and this one will be on how to shoot golf tournaments.

Now, back to getting my taxes finished up so I can relax.


Robert Dungan said...

Maybe a few general comments on tax implementations for the self employed photographer while you are at it?

Alan Hess said...

Really pleased to see that you are finally going to make it to PSW. It's a really fun week. You will enjoy yourself and just keep in mind, if you are in a class that is not doing for you, just get up and go to another one...